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How To Use Our Q & A Section

If you have a question about Garage Doors, Installation, Openers, Service & Repair, Entry Doors, Replacement Windows or Siding, just down and to the right, you’ll see “Have A Question? Type It Here“. Just type your question in the box and hit enter. Read More

If you’re needing a new insulated garage door, we offer free estimates, done at your home in the Cincinnati or NKY area. Read More

Cincinnati Door & Opener carries replacement remotes for the old Overhead Legacy openers.

You can pick one up at our office, or we can ship it to you. Remotes do need to be coded to your individual garage door opener. We can help with that by phone, or we can send a service truck to do it for you. A fee does apply for the trip out to code the remote. Read More

When it comes to rollers on garage door systems, you have two choices – Nylon or Steel.

Steel rollers can be noisy and they can rust. Sometimes that can result in a roller head snapping off. You might have these rollers on your garage doors today. Read More

Garage Door Pulleys In Greater Cincinnati

We carry many different types of garage door pulleys.

But since pulleys come in so many different sizes, it may be best to bring the old one with you, or at least a picture of it, and measure the diameter of the pulley. Read More

Garage Door Service For Bright, Indiana

Cincinnati Door & Opener serves Bright, Indiana from the offices located just off I-75 in Cincinnati. Read More

After initiating the call for a new garage door, an opener, or both, this is how it should proceed.

The garage door company should be able to visit in short-order, and offer a free consultation….. with absolutely no silly sales tactics or pressure. Read More

The black dust comes from the metal carriage traveling back and forth on the metal rail of the garage door opener. This creates metal shavings that drop on your door as the door travels. Read More

We do not carry torsion springs at the office for over the counter sales. In fact, we don’t know of anyone that does. Read More

Although we carry the most common types of bottom garage door seals (vinyl and rubber) and the aluminum retainers that hold them, keep in mind that some seals are specific to the brand and model door you may have. Read More

If you have a Chamberlain Whisper Drive and it’s beeping, it’s probably the battery back-up system. Read More