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EZ-Set Torsion Springs Repair In Cincinnati

EZ-Set Torsion Springs were developed by the Ideal Doors Company as a safer alternative to standard torsion springs. Instead of using specialized tools that even most DIYers don’t have, the EZ-Set garage door spring has a specialized winder that can be adjusted using a drill.

EZ-Set Springs are sold under the brand names Ideal Door, Clopay Door, and Holmes, and when repairs are needed, homeowners have options. Because the EZ-Set system can easily convert to a standard garage door spring torsion system, you’ll want to evaluate the pros and cons and the price points of each. Our friendly service technicians will give you the information you need and get right to work.

When your EZ-Set Torsion Spring for Clopay Doors, Holmes, or Ideal Doors has broken, call Cincinnati Door & Opener at 513-821-5095 for complete troubleshooting and repair at a great price.