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My Garage Door At My Home In Greater Cincinnati Will Not Close

There are several possibilities why a garage door will not close, however the most common reason is an obstruction of the safety sensor system.

Most of the time we find that they have been bumped out of alignment, or the lenses have become dusty or dirty and will no longer read the signal.

Usually a quick alignment check or wipe with a damp cloth will solve the problem. If this does not solve the problem it could be an electronic malfunction with the unit, or a mechanical issue with the door.

In either one of these cases, it is best to have a professional service it, particularly if it’s a mechanical issue with the garage door. Working on garage doors can be extremely dangerous for the untrained.

If you need service on your garage door and live in the Greater Cincinnati area, give us a call at (513) 821-5095 for professional and affordable service.