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Have A Broken Garage Door Panel or Damaged Garage Door Panel In Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky?

Garage doors handle a lot of stress over their years of use, and just the action of raising and lowering over seasons of use can cause bending and warping of the garage door’s panels.

Then there are the more sudden shocks – the accidental run-n with the car, or the kids’ basketball that leaves a dent in a single panel.

At Cincinnati Door & Opener, we’ve seen it all, and our team of experienced technicians can get your garage door squared away, often on the same day.

Damaged Garage Door Panel

If the panel has been damaged, we’ll take a look at it and determine if it can be repaired and what it would cost. If not, we’ll really try to get a replacement panel that matches the existing door.

Broken Garage Door Panel

If the garage door panel is broken and obviously beyond repair, we’ll make every effort to find a matching panel. However, if the garage door is older, that door may no longer be manufactured, and may force you to get a complete new door.

Whether your damaged garage door panels can be repaired or need to be replaced, we provide fast, efficient service that leaves you with a properly weighted garage door that you can count on for safe operation for years.

Call the garage door experts at Cincinnati Door & Opener today at 513-821-5095 and put your garage door worries behind you.