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Garage Door Extension Spring Repair & Replacement

For Your Home In Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Extension Spring
Extension spring systems always work in parallel, with cables and pulleys operating on either side of the door. Each spring is responsible for lifting half of the weight of your garage door, and if one spring fails, you need quick help to put the system back into balance.

Over time, extension springs begin to show signs of fatigue, and their lifting power gradually compromises. When one spring finally breaks, it’s time to replace both springs so that each side is equally sharing lifting duties. Replacing only one means that additional repairs will be needed sooner rather than later, and the extra work required of your garage door’s opener can cause significant damage.

Cincinnati Door & Opener’s trained technicians come equipped with a variety of high quality extension springs, and our work is always backed by our 5 Year Parts & Labor Guarantee. Call us today at 513-821-5095 and have your garage door back on track fast.