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I Have A Garage Door With A Broken Spring. It’s A 2 Car Door With 2 Springs – What Is Your Cost To Repair?

Springs, like car tires, come in different life cycle expectancies. We use a high cycle garage door spring for replacement which comes with a 5 year parts AND labor warranty.

If your door has only 1 spring it usually runs about $154.00 total.

If your door uses a 2 spring system we recommend replacing both at the same time, because if one failed, the other is likely to follow.

The total cost to replace both is typically $209.00.

In the Cincinnati area, some of our competitors may be a bit cheaper on the total cost, but be sure to check parts AND labor warranties.

The difference is you’ll likely get a very poor warranty with the the slightly cheaper price and it’s just not worth it.

Does your garage door have a broken spring? Give us a call at (513) 821-5095.