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What Does A Garage Door Opener Replacement Cost in Cincinnati?

Like most products, there are many different models and quality levels to choose from. So if you choose the “Cadillac” model, the cost for that model is higher than if you choose the “Yugo” model.

Also, the right garage door opener for you depends greatly on the door that it is installed on, and the amount of use it will get.

For example, a lightweight single door on a detached garage that opens to get the lawnmower out once a week, will not get near the use of the attached double car garage that houses 2 cars, the kids bikes and toys… and the lawnmower.

So think of it this way – the larger and heavier the door, the more powerful garage door opener you’ll need.

In the Cincinnati area, to get a new or replacement garage door opener installed (a good “middle of the road” unit that most homeowners choose), usually goes for about $300.00-$350.00, which includes basic assembly and installation.

Keep in mind that if you have a home with a unique garage, for example, very high ceilings, the cost is slightly higher.

If you’re needing a replacement, give us a call at (513) 821-5095 to schedule a no-pressure, no hassle visit so we can give you an exact price, and not spend a penny more than you have too.